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Protecting Your Home

It’s a nerve racking feeling realising that you don’t know whether your home is protected against termites or not. It is an even worse feeling when you realise that your property is already infested with termites. To ensure that you’re building stays termite free annual barriers are a cost effective option which we are here to provide you with. However, if it is too late for a barrier we are also here to help with low expense termite treatments which just like our Building and Pest Inspections are tailored to the size of your property to ensure the most reasonable costs.

Treating infestations

Our business uses Termidor or Bilfex to treat infestations in all types of properties. Our team is fully licensed in the use of the chemicals and have been expertly trained in the application of the termite barriers. As well as eradicating the entire colony the chemical prevents reinfestation and excessive timber damage.


Unlike other chemical treatments for termites, Termidor does not kill the insects at the site of contact. The chemical works slowly on each termite giving it time for them to spread the chemical into the deepest parts of the colony ensuring total eradication. Termites can transfer the chemical where their infestation originated, future re-colonisations are prevented as the chemicals hold into the workings for many years.

Preventing infestations

There are many different ways to protect your property from infestation, the most effective being a termite barrier. However even the best prevention methods have faults.

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