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Dilapidation Surveys

Dilapidation surveys are detailed assessments necessary for buildings and structures about to go into demolition work or when new works are being conducted to adjoining and existing sites. Dilapidation surveys are performed by a Bundaberg Building and Pest Inspections to assess the pre-construction condition of a property or structure including the external and internal condition, as well adjacent buildings. Any existing faults within the structure are then recorded in a detailed report which includes cracks, settlement, leakages, distortion, and pre-existing building defects.

Assessments are performed for the entire structure which could include:

Surrounding footpaths and crossovers,  Adjoining infrastructure including walls and roof, roofing structures for deterioration, service pits and infrastructure, cornices and ceilings, downpipes and roof gutters, fixtures within the structure, flooring and tiling.

These reports are necessary to settle any potential disputes and minimise losses should there be any legal actions involved. Requirements are typically stipulated in the contract or at the request of local authorities. Most contractors will require a detailed survey before any work is carried out especially for major projects that involve demolition.

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